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the real china

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so i eventually connected all the dots and figured out that this isn't actually my host family - my real 16 year old sister is studying for the HUGE final exams that are taking place this entire week so i'm not actually going to see her until maybe next week? and at the moment i'm staying with her aunt and uncle and her little sister. wait - what? she has a sister? china...one-child policy... yeah, i'm still confused too. but supposedly i'm staying with her little sister until she's done. since they don't speak english, i'm going to have to bear with the google translating until shes done with exams.

so we're already had a banquet style lunch and for dinner we had dumplings and fermicelli soup noodles. :D yay! we had to walk a long way past the park to the restaurant and even though it was very sticky and humid, it was really nice to be able to just walk down the street for dinner with a whole bunch of people milling around.

what i noticed tonight:
- women wear chunky wedges and dresses while they're riding on their scooters. women don't drive cars
- older guys tend to not wear shirts
- people are happy and relaxed even though its really hot ... :D
- theres no such thing as a sidewalk, right of way - street manners i guess. i'm pretty sure i knew that already but i was more aware of it walking to dinner tonight when everyone just drives on the opposite sides of the street and parks face to face. surprised i havent seen any car accidents yet.. but then i guess everyones already used to driving like that!
- we took a walk after dinner and travelled through a kind of foresty thing near the condos. the waters murky and they have color-changing light decorations all along the large pond.. pictures later.
- schools tomorrow morning at 8 but i have to get up at 6:15 ): they'll be driving me for the next few days but when my 16 year old sister is done with exams then we'll be taking the bus i think

update tomorrow! zai jian [:

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Chinese tend to "affectionally" call people little (or big) sister (or brother. Term of endearment. This can span vastly different families. You may want to be careful of implying someone is not adhering to social/legal conventions - this is a public blog.... You might try writing things to communicate - the little sister may be able to read much better than she speaks. Rather than be mute, try to ask what something is called by pointing to it and asking. They are usually impressed by an inquisitive nature (as opposed to a lump on a log...) Very jealous that you will be able to see the Expo. Once in a lifetime event and will not be duplicated. Make sure you visit the "axis of terror" exhibits: N. Korea, Iran, etc. You will never get that close to them - ever (even though they may look boring vs. others).

by mot

yeah i know - i'm not implying that though because a few of the other AFS-ers also have a few siblings. interesting...

by cuhloe

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