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Day 2: School begins!

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Ni hao!

We finally went to school today at Changzhou No.1 Middle School :) Driving through these streets are definitely insane - if we're driving on one side of the road, everyone else is also driving on that side.. but coming the opposite way. What? Definitely never driving in China. Finally got to the school and met up with the other 13 AFsers :] We were handed a cell phone and told it was loaded with 200 RMB but that it's unlimited in the Jiangsu province. So I guess all of us AFS kids will be calling each other and talking! :D International and outside the province is obviously more expensive but we'll see.

We began with a welcome orientation, tour around the school, and received these Changzhou badges/pins. Cool! Then we had lunch, in a small private room excluded from the rest of the kids attending the middle school. Venturing off to the restroom during lunch was no small feat. Miranda and JulieAnn [from Vermont and Philadelphia, respectively] went to the ... "toilets" and they tried to say that they were with me because everyone was staring at us :] Every person turned and stared because obviously Caucasian people and people of different races aren't exactly the norm! The restrooms had doors up to our hips and squatty holes with no toilet paper. My favorite. :D
We're going to be heading back to the classroom soon to have a culture class. Sports tomorrow!

Im sweating like crazy ): It's very unbearable, and even though I'm used to the hot weather, I guess it's a mixture of humidty and clothing choice. We would be wearing bikinis and micro mini shorts if we were in Cali :D Last night, they encouraged me to take another shower even though my hair was still wet from the first one. I talked to the older sister on the phone, and she apologized for her absence [because of the exams]. I think I will give them the presents when she comes back? Also: host dad m.i.a. He never came back from work ? :\ We had egg fried rice this morning and warm milk in cartons. Interesting...
Had a rough night. Sleeping on this wooden woven pad on top of the rock hard bed and my back hurts.. but maybe it'll get stronger! Haha. I don't know. Maybe we're supposed to take it off when we sleep? But then I felt underneath the wooden pad thing and it's equally hard so I'm confused about that. Still confused as to who my parents are... names are also questionable. 14 year old speaks very softly but she's my only connection to the family. She refers to the only other person in the house as her aunt so I'm not sure if she's my host mom or not... someone clarify! Anyways. Going to play omgpop on the computers..

Wait no thats not right

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Your confusion is very hysterical - we are all laughing imagining you being confused about who, when and where!!! Just go with the flow and try to learn words. Use your google and phrase book and TRY to speak phrases and words. Any word is better than none. Spend as much time trying to communicate and using hand language so you learn the words. Daddy said the beds were hard!

by momma

ahahahahaha. so you get to talk to your friends face-to-face as you pee ? :D fun !
you seem to be having a good time :) yay.
haha. really ? youre playing online games ? -__-^ wow of course you would. keke.

by justo

no hahaha we have to squat cuz its a squat hole toilet so when you squat you don't see anyone but the door! :D and since they're squatter toilets the door can be low since everyones all crouched down LOL
omgpop didn't work so i resorted to popcap games and bejeweled cuz the school didn't block that one...

by cuhloe

Hi Chloe, I'm not sure if you're learning a whole lot yet, but your article sure provides a lot of comedy relief!! Keep those funny blogs up! Uncle Pelky,Aunty Susan,Val & Markie

by uncle pelky

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