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I sincerely apologize for the major lack in blog posts. I've been caught up with school and haven't had the opportunity to blog at all.

Last weekend, we went to Hangzhou as I mentioned earlier, and we literally had a blast. Everyone got the chance to put on bright orange life vests and jump on a bamboo raft to sail down beautiful rivers. But the scenery wasn't the only thing that made it absolutely amazing - everyone had water guns and intense water shooter thingys that were being sold outside and had SERIOUS water splashing fights all the way down. Rafts got close together which indicated that a water fight was about to ensue. Screaming was quite necessary for the war at hand. [Miranda: "AHHHHHHHHHHHH! DON'T SPLASH ME!!!! STOP IT!!"] It was definitely a blast. Pics to follow!

I've included some pictures that I recently uploaded onto my computer. Check them out!

This past Wednesday we went to Pizza Hut as a whole group and then KTV Karaoke-ing after. Pizza Hut is literally the fanciest restaurant ever with forks and knives and nice toilets (I like how we consider that a huge luxury now..) and expensive (but so yummy) pizza! Then we went to KTV and danced on tables in our private room while singing Lady Gaga! FUN :D

Everyday during sports time we usually have interesting excursions out and about the city of Changzhou. We usually encounter people that stare at us as a group because we are "different" and most of the Americans (most meaning everyone except Sarah and me) are Caucasian or not Asian. Sarah and I are stared at because we don't talk like them, and today on the bus two Chinese girls wondered (in Chinese) why those two Chinese girls speak such perfect English.

I've been following the Pimsleur Chinese lessons on mp3 from Uncle Jack, and they are actually pretty helpful! I've been practicing (and reviewing) how to say that I don't speak very [Mandarin] very well / I am an American / I am a Chinese person / I speak English. What's confusing is that I'm having an identity crisis kinda. Well, in one of my textbooks, it says "I am Chinese." and then below it, it says "I am American." So I had to think about it a little while and I was thinking "But what if I'm both..." then I decided to say that I was a Chinese person [literally, jong guo ren] that speaks English [hui shuo ying wen] but then I realized we were talking about nationaliy and I wouldn't be considered a Chinese person. When I tried this method out on a few people [while on excursion-ing around the city], they go on to say that I look like a Chinese person. So then I thought maybe I should say that I'm a Chinese person but an American person. What? No. Anyways, I just tell them I speak very little Mandarin [wo hui shuo yi dianr putonghwa/jongwen] and they literally laugh in my face. (just ask Paul/Luke: a woman laughed for like 20 minutes after Paul told them I don't speak Mandarin. thanks lady! way to make me feel great)
So yes that's my mini-identity crisis. Don't laugh, but the card we have to fill out while flying into China asked our nationality and I wrote Chinese. Not good.

I received a basket of flowers today with two teddy bears and a chocolate bar inside a beautiful basket. It was a present from Justin, about 6000 miles or so away from me, for our anniversary. Chu kinda spoiled it yesterday but it was still a huge huge surprise. I never would've thought that this could be possible, but it was the best surprise I could have ever imagined :D

I'm going to China Dinosaur Park tomorrow and then Yen Chun Sunday - two theme parks in two days! This should be fun :)

Fixed my phone problems today (finally) after having a mini "WE LOST CHLOE" party last night. Everyone thought I was missing for two hours because my sister called Miranda's sister saying I wasn't home yet even though she came home literally 5 minutes after I did. She also forgot to call her back saying that I was home so everyone was freaking out calling each other even though I was at home, safe and sound. Well I love you guys anyways, thanks for worrying about me :)

Oh! We made jiao zi the other day. And then Mikaela, Paul and I ate for like 5 billion hours and stuffed ourselves so much. :D Yumyum! I usually eat bao zi every morning so that's been great - loving the food.

Looking forward to Shanghai next weekend! Then we only have 5 more days of school after we get back from Shanghai o.o Today was our last Friday of school ever, and our last full week! Catch y'all later (just to spite the people who think Cali peeps can't say y'all. so there!)

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Hey Chloe,

This is Arianne Jong. I don't know if we've actually officially met, or what.. My mom forwarded me the blog that your mom sent out to the branch, and I've been reading a few of your entries in google reader. Being in China sounds amazing! I studied abroad in Harbin (NE China) last summer. It was amazing. Anyways, I'm totally empathizing with a lot of your sentiments about being Chinese American. People making comments about how i'm fat, my chinese is sucky, not being called beautiful compared to my white classmates.. basically a lot of what you've experienced. Anyways, i was always having identity crises about what to call myself. And my friends would always tell me, I should say I'm american. It's so complex, but i love paradoxes. Here's a word, that people will understand immediately when you say you're Chinese-American. Instead of "Zhongguoren" or "Meiguoren" you can say "wo shi ge Hua2yi4". It just means a person of chinese descent not born in China. Let me know if you have any china questions. also, nciku.com is an amazing chinese dictionary that i wish i knew about sooner. best of luck!

by arianne

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