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Waka Waka and Oh my Lady Gaga

Mulan and Rush Hour too!

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We have hit the halfway point of our trip!
It's been three weeks since we first came to Changzhou, and we have three weeks left. Wow time flies.
Here's what's been going on since I last posted:

We began our Chinese music studies, where we basically listen to Beijing Opera and dance around and play MASH and sleep. Our lessons in Chinese language class have significantly improved, and today we had a mini quiz on 12 characters that are pretty basic and important to know.

Xinyu's started lessons that require her to go to school at 8:30 am and come home around 9:30 pm. Super long day and I don't get to see her ever. When she comes home I'm usually too tired to do anything and I fall asleep around then. So my host mom and I go out to dinner and eat in silence because she can't speak any English and I can't speak Chinese well. But we try to communicate!

The other night, she told me to walk home after dinner and do my laundry. So I shoved all my clothes into the washing machine because I had a pretty decent sized load of laundry from Baoding - usually, my host family chooses to wash almost everything by hand because my host mom doesn't think the washing machine washes tops and underwear well. I poured in the liquid and then turned it to what I thought was the correct setting for my clothes to be washed. And jumped in the shower.

When I got out, there were 3 min left on the machine and bubbles everywhere! On the ground mostly, but the whole machine was filled with bubbles. So then I tried to open the door and the handle wouldn't budge. Last time I asked my sister to open it, and she just pulled it open so I tried that and pretty much snapped the handle off. But don't worry it's okay - I didn't really break it... I don't think. I left it there and tried to research it on the Internet but then the Internet was broken and I might've broken that too. SO I didn't want to mess anything up so I sat in the living room and waited until they came home x_x

They told me that the repairman would come in a few days to fix the Internet and the washing machine. Two days later, my bundle of clothes is still sitting in the washing machine waiting to be taken out.. poor things. Well anyways, that was an adventurous night.

Some random facts:
The other day I ran into another glass door. Very embarrassing because it was the door to my own complex. I looked around though and fortunately no one was around so no worries! No one saw. :]

I've been walking to and from the bus stop everyday, and it's about a 10 minute walk - during this time, it's really relaxing to just think about everything and to really admire the life bustling around me. Yesterday, the sun was setting around this time (when I get back from school) and it was beautiful. I take the bus to and from school everday with Miranda and it's a 40 minute bus ride - the longest out of anyone around us. Everyone either walks or bikes to school, and it usually takes 20 min or so to do that. We're the farthest which isn't that fun but it's okay! Miranda and I both have studied Spanish and since we usually get funny looks for speaking English on the bus, we decided to try to speak in Spanish and really freak everyone out. We tried that but there weren't that many people on the bus yet, so I'll document it another time when we get better results :)

The other day, we had a long break where everyone just danced to Waka Waka (Shakira's world cup song). It's pretty much our theme song here in China which is funky because it's a song representing Africa, but it doesn't matter. We all learned the dance! During the second half of our Chinese language class, we sometimes watch movies as well. Yesterday we watched Mulan, and today we watched Rush Hour - America's view on Chinese culture. Interesting to watch this as Americans in China. Rush Hour, being filmed somewhat in LA and LA's Chinatown, made me miss the palm trees. :p

The teenagers here all say "Lady Gaga is sexy" and they comment on outrageous / out of the ordinary happenings by saying "Oh my Lady Gaga!" We all think that's hilarious and laugh whenever we hear it.

Going to Hangzhou this weekend, and supposedly going "white water rafting". We were all like "COOL!" but then our teacher said this was in a bamboo boat so we think the white water part is a tiny exaggeration. But we'll see! It sounds fun and there's life jackets included. Then Shanghai's coming up! YAY!

Oh yeah and I got a poisonous mosquito bite ): Swelled up my entire knee area and my skin like hardened. But no biggie, it didn't hurt much and the health clinic gave me a bottle of iodine to remove the poison.

The weather has been fluctuating between excruciatingly hot and hot with rainstorms. Update more later! Bye bye

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